Ships of Mann  

Ben-My-Chree VI; the First Ten Years.
August and September 2010 views
A Ben boat at Douglas
Manannan at Douglas 11th May 2009
Manannan and Snaefell in Winter Lay Up
Snaefell of 1948
King Orry of 1946. First of the Six Sisters.
King Orry V
Manx Maid -the first car ferry
Manxman at Pallion
Mary the Queen
Mona's Isle of 1951
Viking in 2008


The Ben-My-Chree VI entered service in 1998. This gallery celebrates the first 10 years of service of the fleet flagship of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. See Issue 17 of the magazine for an in depth look at the career so far of the largest ship the Company have ever owned.

All photos copyright Adrian Sweeney/Ships of Mann.

Ben-My-Chree (and King Orry) at Douglas in August 1998

Ben-My-Chree in East Float, Birkenhead and refitting in Bidston Dry Dock 2001/2002

Ben-My-Chree refitting Birkenhead in February 2004

The Ben-My-Chree after her major refit in early 2004 at Heysham and Douglas Bay and in the Mersey early 2008

At sea and entering Douglas during 2008